Top 5 Money Converter websites for Travelers

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Have you ever been to any country and you spend more than your budget because you don’t know that the currency rate has increased? Well, that has happened to many persons. Here I will be exposing you to some nice money converter you can use in case you want to know the currency rate of any country.

But before I disclose these websites, here is a quick incident that happened to my friend. 

My friend Herbert was in Moscow, Russia. He needed to withdraw money from the nearby ATM. That was the night before his flight. He forgot to look up the exchange rate of the Russian ruble to the Nigerian naira and consequently had no idea how much to withdraw.

He was only going to spend 2 days in Moscow before leaving for his destination and had paid for everything except for his meal. So, he didn’t need much cash to spend. He, therefore, picked a number that he believed would the equivalent of N20, 000 from his account.

When Herbert arrives at his hostel room later that day, I decided to check the exchange rate online and discovered that he had withdrawn N60, 000.

So, if you don’t want to make the mistake of my dear friend, Herbert, I advise you to check the currency exchange rate before you make any travel. 

Here are the currency converter’s you should be using.

Top Money Converter

1.     XE Currency

Mostly every week, I frequent this converter to clear my doubts and keep me updated. So, if you ask me, this is just one money converter, I will advise you to use. XE Currency convert has an App that is available on both Apple and Android. That means you can keep track of live currency rates. This converter will help stay updated with currency rates, while you work offline.

2.     CalConvert

If you want your money converter to do more than convert your coins for you, then, CalConvert is your go-to place. The money converter also has an in-build calculator which can perform both advances scientific and mathematical calculation. It can save the history of your calculations and still perform other currency conversion functions. 

Further, CalConvert has a 24-hour support system to assist you. 

3.     Currency Convert

Are you the forgetful type? Like my friend, Herbert? Or are you an Apple user that needs an easy-to-use money converter? Then this is the best currency converter for you.

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Currency Converter doesn’t require you to download the exchange rate of any country you travel to in advance. Once you have set your base currency, Currency Converter will assist you to download the exchange rate so you don’t have to worry about remembering to download them. It will further display them within the app. 


4.     My Currency Converter

If you trade in virtual currency, My Currency Converter is a great App for currency converters. My Currency Converter supports DogCoin, GitCoin and lots more in addition to conversion rate it provides for every fiat currencies. 

The App also helps you to keep track of your cash no matter your location or where the money is kept. As for the exchange rate, you need not worry because the App is wired to automatically update itself to the current exchange rate.

5.     Valuta+

Valuta+ is one of the best money converters when it comes to simplicity. So, you love simplicity, Valuta+ is your go-to App. 

This money converter’s user-friendliness has made it stand out from the other converters out there. The app works offline and allows you to mark your favorite currency.


With these currency converters, you will not make the mistake that my friend made. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this post again and select the best currency converter for yourself.

Don’t also forget to leave a comment below, let me know how this has helped you.


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