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It is perfectly natural, in fact, it is highly desirable as an entrepreneur to want to make money and accumulate wealth. Money is powerful to give your business a standard and growth you intend. Money is powerful to help your business from nose-diving.

However, this should not clog your mentality as to lead you to failure in business.

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In every business venture, money is a desirable objective of every entrepreneur. But what is puzzling about money, is the backward approach so many entrepreneurs use in business in trying to make It.

It has been carefully observed that every entrepreneur with a money first attitude has little money and does not succeed in business. The reason is not far fetched. Such an entrepreneur becomes so conscious about money that they forget the real thing that bring money; the services you render or products you offer.

Money is like a fruit, and can't be harvested unless they plant the seeds that grow the money.

Not surprised to say that the seed of money is the services or products offer. You have allowed your mind to grasp this principle, " serve people, and money will flow, but chase after money, and they will run."

To succeed in business, learn to give your customers more than they deserve to get. The principle of giving more says the "Extra" services or products you give to your customers is a money seed you have planted. That extra brings them back to you.

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