Meet Afolabi Emmanuel Founder Em-mounts

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Meet Afolabi Emmanuel Founder Em-mounts

Meet with Afolabi Emmanuel the founder of Em-mounts, an information, and technology firm providing an environment for entrepreneurs to grow their business by tapping into the digital space, helping them to get certifications and even training them. The firm also offers a ground for ladies by training them on digital skills such as web development and graphics design.

Em-mounts was registered 13 June 2016 with the Nigerian Corporate Affairs Commission.

Interestingly, Afolabi Emmanuel is just 21 years old.  The 21 years old Osun State, was born in Lagos state and is also the founder of the defunct Em-mounts Logistic started in 2018.

His story is one of the most inspiring of our 20 U 25 entrepreneurs.

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At 21 he already has his degree certification from the NOUN where he studied computer science. According to him, “Life has being very interesting. It has offered me an opportunity to LEARN, UNLEARN and RELEARN.”

However, growing up has being ups and down, he said.

Afolabi Emmanuel went to NOUN for his university education. He holds a degree from Standford University in Cryptographic and has also being able to acquire some professional certificate to his credit bordering on Cisco Certified Network Associate (2015), Certified Information Systems Security Professional, Certified Information Security Auditor, Microsoft Window NT v3.10 Installation and Support and Diploma in Social Media Marketing, all acquired 2016. The young entrepreneur is also a Certified Ethical Hacker CEH (2017), and a Health Informatics (2018).

Running a venture like Em-mounts has being challenging and interesting.  And “Education has being fundamental to my success.” He said. Naturally, he is an introvert entrepreneur, but due to the much knowledge he has acquired through his educational pursuit, he can confidently stand out in any environment he finds himself.

Further, his success so far can’t be written without the help of family and friends.

At 18 year, he conducted training for youths within his locality on graphic design. At 20 he did conduct another training for ladies on professional graphic design skill.

Afolabi Emmanuel Plunge To Entrepreneurship

Before he ventured into entrepreneurship, a lot of hard work was done. Much of his adult life was dedicated to intensive study. He quipped, “To be honest, sometimes I feel that I didn’t enjoy most of what my peer enjoyed. Why people go to parties, I dedicate myself to studying.”

Self-education is one best thing every entrepreneur and intending entrepreneurs can ever do for themselves to be able to attain to a great height. In fact, your business will thank you for the much time you dedicate to continuous learning.

Afolabi Emmanuel is currently the chief technical officer for 1Dokita Healthcare where he functions 3 times in a week. This has enabled him to understand the loopholes in business to build his skill set. Although, combining the function of a chief technical officer with his entrepreneurship journey has being daunting but also, interesting.

Before I forget, he is also a web developer with keen interest in health consultant and also works as a growth consultant for startups.

Not a very good talker, but he enjoys reading. Speaking about that, he has the ability to finish a 300-pages book a day and fully understand the content of the book. This is awesome!

In his entrepreneurial journey, he has made several mistakes.

At first, he started a logistic company, Em-mounts logistics in 2018 targeted at small and medium scale businesses that require logistic service to help them deliver their goods promptly. The venture, however, didn’t live to see its glory. This was due to inappropriate knowledge of the logistics industry.

Explaining the cause of the failed startup, he said, “We at the time focused on just pouring in money rather than perfecting our internal policies which had several loopholes even from customer care till the end of delivery.”

Unfortunately enough too, for him, he has entered into investments that have crashed. But he remains unfettered.

“I have grown to that stage that my mistakes can’t keep me down due to the wealth of knowledge at my disposal. I don’t allow my mistakes to keep me down to the mold. I always spring up.  Most importantly, I have been able to learn from my mistakes in order not to make them again. I don’t see mistakes as a bad thing, although, it is capable of crippling a business. But then, I see it as an opportunity to learn and move forward.” Afolabi Emmanuel said.

Like I did say earlier on, his story is one of the most intriguing of our 20U25 entrepreneurs. Exploring further to his entrepreneurial journey, Afolabi Emmanuel has taken great decisions that have crown his success so far.

One such decision is the commitment to learning. Yes! He is a committed learner. Aside from self-education, learning from those who have gone ahead of him is also pertinent. To rephrase the words of Isaac Newton, to succeed, we should be ready to lean on the shoulders of those that have gone far ahead of us. Taking advice from those ahead of him is a top priority. However, not without careful examination. See what he has to say,

“I have always listened to them, those higher than me, those that have passed the stage I’m currently struggling with. And that has helped me a lot. Sometimes when I feel that what I’m doing is the wrong thing, and I see someone higher than me, preferably, a mentor telling me on how to go about it. I don’t discard their ideas; neither do I accept their ideas hook line and sinker as most persons will do. But I will have to analyze it to know if the idea will assist me to move forward.

For instance, before the fall of my logistic company, I first put in the first amount of capital into it and didn’t get the supposed result. Someone I regard as a mentor came up to me and said, Emmanuel, stop! Don’t put in another amount of money in this. I quickly took a step backward, reasoned what he said, and obeyed. Believe me, if I had not listened, because I was about putting in another huge sum of money into it, it would have greatly affected me, because the business was not properly standing.”

It’s interesting to know that the young entrepreneur doesn’t always rely on his own wisdom to run his business. But every advice must be subject to scrutiny.

Another great decision he took was not giving his whole day time to the company he works with as a chief technical officer. One of the greatest assets of entrepreneurs is time.

With the proper utilization of the time available, you can achieve all your goals. From the onset, he knew what his goal is. He didn’t see himself being tied down with the work of an employee. And this has indeed given him the opportunity of working in his business.

Every entrepreneur can confess to this that entrepreneurship is full of ups and downs. Today you’re smiling and tomorrow you’re dealing with a big challenge. Some difficulties will force you to quit. This is usually a hard time in the life of every entrepreneur, especially, when money is not coming in and you keep dishing out money from your pocket.

However, all together, makes the life of an entrepreneur, fun!

At a point in time, Afolabi decided to call it a quit. What really happened?

For about 2 months, there was no income coming into the business. He felt like he was doing something wrong again. Employees need to be paid, yet there was no paid job that came to the firm. Every client that he and his team were supposed to work for keeps promising. And this went on for about 5 months. “Then I said to myself, it’s time to call it a quit.” He remarkably said.

According to him, it was time to go home, a time to close the business and say to everyone, to go home. He has already spent a lot on the employees’ upkeep and operation of the business.

But interestingly, during the 7 months, something happened. From the interview conducted with him, that single thing changed the business and made it live till date. A client (lady) came and offered them a job. And the business was revivified.

It takes a goliath kind of courage to run a venture for 5 months without revenue coming in. One most important lesson any entrepreneur should take away from this is that business isn’t always rosy. You just have to find ways to stay up during such a difficult time. It can be so tough when you are not able to pay workers.

But in all, Afolabi Emmanuel said, “If you really love what you do and believe in it, then not just the sky but above the sky is your limit.”


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