Kill fear today, take hold of the future

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Ibrahim and Wole were both Level 400 students of a University. While Ibrahim studied Philosophy, Wole was a student of Business Management. Ibrahim had a business idea which would cost a session of his school fee to establish. He had the believe that if only he could get the required capital to start, he will pull off. He wasn't reluctant to share his idea and dreams with his friend Wole who was still very sceptical. Wole would never do a thing as sacrificing his school fee for something that got no better assurance.

Ibrahim's thought was that, if both of them could join in and shove a semester's fee into the business, and then pay for a semester instead of a session, but his friend was already AFRAID to lose his school fee. What would he do when the next semester comes demanding for its fee? His parents aren't rich, so to say they'll throw in doe' whenever he calls for. And what if after devoting, it didn't go out as expected?

Ibrahim who was so determined now had a hard way to go as his friend isn't going to risk whatever for anything.

Ibrahim had no other option than to invest his whole session's fee and the business was given a green go-light.

To bring the story to its barest minimum, Ibrahim and Wole are now graduates, but it may interest you to know that, while Wole with his Certificate in Business Management attended interviews company in company out, submitted CVs and Applications before getting a job which pays not more than 150, 000 naira monthly, Adekunle is a manager in his own enterprise with employees who earns not less than 250,000 per month. As human beings with rational ability, let's begin to imagine Adekunle's percentage of income. You would want to ask, what kind of business did Adekunle venture into?

At this moment, answer to such question is not necessary. Our contemplation and concern should rather be on Adekunle's confidence and repulse to FEAR of Losing.

You have to kill the fear in you, and take hold of the future now.

When MTN arrived Nigeria, begging people, companies and banks to partner with them who refused, the then President Olusegun Obasanjo never hesitated. Do you know that the more every Nigerian using MTN recharges their phone now, the more Obasanjo becomes richer?

Imagine the population of Nigeria, the number of people with mobile phones and the number of people using MTN. Imagine the amount of recharge cards being bought by this people a day. Obasanjo is enjoying his fare share from MTN.

Avoid the fact that he had the money at his feet or disposal, even if he should have lost, it wouldn't affect him, but what about those companies, banks that were AFRAID to lose?

Kill fear, possess tomorrow now

Not all the friends Mark Zuckerberg shared the Facebook idea with agreed to join in, but the few that took part got a story to tell now. Definitely the others that discarded it got their on story to tell, but a full of wish and regretful one. All because of FEAR to lose.

FEAR is a normal and prevalent determinant of behavior as far as life is concerned. One needs always be conscious or maybe anxious of what is ahead of him. But whether it should affect you or bring a negative consequence or positive is left for you.

Put yourself in the shoes of Wole, Adekunle's friend in the above story, would you sleep at peace in the night?

Think about those friends of Zuckerberg who were sceptical, how are they feeling now, seeing the opportunity they confidentially walked out of?

Kill fear, take hold of tomorrow

A sage once said, "The Future belongs to the Risk takers not the Comfort Seekers."

You can't sit and expect good things when you haven't paid for it.

Maybe unless you're the type that has a silver spoon in the mouth.

What is that dream you got, that aspiration that needs a price to be paid? Are you AFRAID to Lose after risking for it? You are not sure if it will yield your wished/expected results? Must you be sure before you start?


This questions needs be considered

"Learn to discipline your disappointment, learn to FACE your FEARS. It's either you forget everything and Run, or you face everything and Rise. GREATNESS comes with PAIN, so LEARN." Anonymous.

You have a business idea? Or something inventive?

How much capital do you need?

Can you think of borrowing or getting a Loan?

Is your school fee an option?

I wouldn't advice over that, but remember, "Only the Risk takers own the Future."

"You don't have to be Great to Start, but you have to Start inorder to be Great."

How did Adekunle later pay his school fee? Did you remember to ask?



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