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How To Know If Selling On Facebook Is For You

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You see, Facebook has become the new ATM of our time. But the truth is that, Facebook can never disburse equal amount to everyone.

During this period, I have received plenty questions from clients who, especially want to upscale their businesses, while others are feeling more dejected now than they met Facebook. One of such unhappy client felt bitterer by her pointless efforts to make sale on Facebook. In fact, she openly told me that she is quitting Facebook come 2020 for good.

Are you for real; you’re quitting Facebook for “good”?

At this point I was all smiling to myself. Had she been with me, I know she would have been in consternation caused by my fidgeting smiles

Here is the thing; Facebook should actually take a bigger part of your marketing strategy by the year 2020. I won’t emphases further this in this post so that I can answer to my question – is Facebook really for you?

At the beginning of this, I told you that Facebook has become this century’s ATM. Here is how.

Yesterday, around 12:48pm I decided to play with the Facebook Ad manager. At the course of the play, I place an Ad with N600. I think I was just trying to profligate. Hence, I didn’t pay attention to the many details. I just clicked on the place Ad button and then the magic happened.

By 1:54pm my ad was approved and starts to run. Within an hour my first client sent me a message. By the time it got to 4pm I have gotten 6 persons willing to pay me. Even though I wasn’t concerned that Facebook charged me high.

Now think of it. I used N600 to get 6 paying clients without stress. So imagine that I was intentional about the Ad, like I paid more attention to the processes. Imagine that I put more money to the Ad – let’s say N10,000. You should know how much I would have racked by the end of yesterday.

So, is Facebook really for you?

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In order to answer that question, it will take an in depth review of what you actually do online using Facebook. Some person’s may use this platform as a medium to create brand awareness, to get more visitors to their website or store, and to make direct sell among others.

But here is the thing if your aim is to sell on Facebook.

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You will not maximize Facebook marketing potential if you are selling a product that could be listed in the “commodity market” or if your target customers online can easily find your product at a retailer shop – the nearest shopping mall. Also, if your target customer can easily buy your product elsewhere, or compare the price of your product easily online. Then, selling on Facebook profitably will be very difficult for you. But there is a way out.

Hence, when you advertise on Facebook always ensure that the product is unusual, unique and eye-catching.

You must also understand that Facebook is a place to sell products and services that don’t carry expected price. That’s to say that if a customer knows exactly what your product should cost – you shouldn’t probably be selling the product on Facebook. Rather, you should focus on other things like building your brand voice.

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Sell on Facebook when your product is unusual, unique and eye-catching; where the value is determine by your customers desire to have something interesting not by the price.

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