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7 Ways To Make Money Online As A Beginner

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There are ways you can make money online as a beginner –as a novice. And here are 7 lucrative ways to do that…

how to make money online as a beginner
How To Make Money Online As A Beginner

The internet is a gamer changer – giving a big voice to small businesses and entrepreneurs who are willing to make money online as you will discover here.

I've heard of so many people complaining about their inability for them to get a job. Some complain about the nature of their job(s). You will hear things like 'the pay is low', 'the pay and the work do not correlate', Some will even say 'I don't mind working just N30, 000 or N20, 000 or a friend even said that she doesn’t mind N10, 000', all she wants is a job.

Interestingly, as some are complaining, some are wishing they could work in a certain business or company because that payment is pretty much attractive - N50,000 - N100,000 per month. 

However, they fail to see that all their time has gone into that company and at the end of the month just to get the token that they've been promised as salary. 

Some person’s life is so tired to paycheck that they have failed to realize the opportunities that abound on the internet. 

The truth is – there are ways you can make money online as a beginner –as a novice.

If you have a laptop or even a smartphone and you spend a considerable amount of time on the internet (Social media), you can monetize that addiction to a money-making stream of income. 

If you ever decide to take a bold step to make money online as a beginner, then hang on. Your financial record is about to improve by venturing into any of these online businesses. 

How To Make Money Online As A Beginner

Here are tips to make money online as a beginner. I mean a newbie.

1. Turn your hobby into a business: What do you enjoy doing the most? Do you love writing; dancing, talking, or you love to teach? Whatever you love doing can make you money on the internet. It will shock you to know that there are persons on the internet looking for a person who can wish their wife, kiddies and others a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to get paid.

Whatever skill you have there is someone out there looking for you. 

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The problem has always been how to identify those that need what you love doing and are willing to pay for it. But not to worry, because once you can identify what your passionate about, finding clients should not be the problem.

Take for instance that you love writing. You can write for business owners, companies, blogs, and website owners. If this is true, then ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who are my clients – those you want to work with; as much as possible narrow down it down to a specific for a start
  2. Where can I find them? Are they on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?
  3. How can I attract their attention to what I do? Begin to write some cool post on your social media handle

Once you fully provide answers to the questions, you will know that your clients may just be at the back of your house.

2. Be a proofreader: Proofreading is one of those jobs on the internet that does not require much from you. However, it does require you to be meticulous with a good command of the English language. You also need to be versatile with different words. 

As a proofreader, your ability to marshal words correctly is of high essence. 

Having said this, what then is proofreading or rather, what is the job of a proofreader?

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Without mimicking words, a proof reader’s job is to spot mistakes, grammatical errors in a written work as this one and make necessary corrections, punctuating where appropriate. I tell you, a great number of persons are cashing home millions of naira yearly from this job. 

You can list your expertise in freelance sites like Fiverr and others.

3. VTU: VTU is an acronym for Virtual Top Up. It is a very lucrative business that you can do online. All you need is a bank account and your smartphone. As a VTU vendor, your job is to recharge for any person that wants to buy airtime. You do this with your phone.

Interestingly, with the coming to the limelight of Recharge and Get Paid Limited, you can make extra cash for yourself.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity now.

4. Sell your old stuff: I know of a person who does this business and it has greatly influenced his financial status.

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If you have old clothes, shoes, laptops, bags, or any other item(s) that you no more use but are still in good shape. Instead of keeping it at home for rodents to make a home of it, you can decide to sell it online. Take a good picture of them and upload and start making your money.

5. Shop online and earn cash: The internet is a game-changer. It has completely affected the way we do things. Think back to the ages when there was no internet, you would simply see what I mean.

Do you love shopping? Of cause, who doesn’t love? Do you know that you can make money online as a beginner from something as easy and simple as shopping? That’s the power of the internet. With Apps like BeFrugalEbatesFatWallet and others too numerous to mention, you can make back up to 30% of every money you spend shopping. 

Too good to be true? You may never know whether it’s true or not until you try them out.

6Sell your photos: the internet is a crazy game changer. Imagine selling your photo. If you are someone that loves taking lots of pictures, I mean good pictures, this might just be another source of income for you. When you reach home, go through your very old or fairly old pictures and sell them online. Lots of people like graphic designers, etc are always searching for pictures to use for their jobs and they are willing and ready to pay a token for those your photos that can make someone lick their screen.

You can check out websites like ShutterstockAdobe Stock

7. Rent your space: this is another booming business for those that live in crowded cities like Lagos. If you are lucky to live and have extra space in major cities, then you can decide to rent it out for a token.

If you are an employee, you don't even need to quit the job you already have. This can be an added source of income.

What are you waiting for? Join the moving train and start making money online as a beginner right from the comfort of your home.

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