How To Add Your Business To Google My Business Listing

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In this article, I will explain to you the simple steps you need to take to position your business in the right path of online visibility using Google my business, especially for corporate brands

Google my business listing may not be a new thing to you. You may have seen brands using it. Whenever you search for a brand on Google, brands that are listed on Google my business list, it will show up the brand’s details by the right-hand side of Google home page.

An online listing is a local directory for businesses; it is a sort of an online map for search engines or a database that search engines draw information about businesses from.

So, why do you need an online listing?

Here are a few reasons why you should consider listing your business online important.

  1. It helps to increase your visibility online
  2. It gives search engine like Google and Yahoo the needed verification that your business is not a scam
  3. It gives you an edge over your competitors online

Search engines have advanced so much that wherever your business is located it’s able to share you to the world in a matter of seconds.

The other amazing thing is that the person searching doesn't even have to know the name of your company to make you visible to potential clients.

Recently, I ran a campaign for an agency and in the course of my research I discovered that the particular target market I wanted to address came from web traffic, further probing down I discovered the handle they all visited, it was a mother and family blog. 

I contacted them to list the program I was executing on their blog and the total listing for less than a month was like N108, 000. Unfortunately, I didn’t have much time and had to pay but it drove the required audience I needed and the organization I ran the campaign for got more than their budgeted ROI.

Google's online listing is also known as Google my business. The service which is provided by Google is free and lasts for as long as you want it. With this, you can be asleep and it driving clients to your business.

So without further ado, let's get into it.

How To Add Your Business To Google My Business Listing

First, you need a Google account (Gmail). If you don’t have click here to create one for yourself. 

Thereafter, head over to business.google.com

Once you enter the URL in the browser, and it opens, the site will ask you to sign in (using your Gmail account), if you are not. But if you are already signed in it asks for the name of your business, enter this and click on next.

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The next page will ask for a location, that’s your business location – office or a store. However, if your business is strictly online you can choose NO.

google my business listing -ESY MEDIA

From experience, I have discovered that it’s fine to pick yes, especially as most businesses have a store or work station even if it’s your house.

The next page is the address page; enter the address in this order:

Country (usually there already)

Street address

Local Government Area


Postal code


Also, I usually advise opting for YES as you can later change this whenever you have an office, store or change your business location

Some persons may get confused about how to get their postal code. That shouldn’t bother you at all. Simply head over to google.com and search for your area.

If you come across any bottleneck in this, please feel free to contact me on Call or WhatsApp: +2348066721490.

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This page is followed by a map to help you pinpoint the exact location of your business.

How to add a business to Google my business listing MAP - esy media

After imputing your postal address and putting the map on your location the next page asks; “Do you also serve customers outside this location?” Pick YES.

The next page is optional if you want to appear in any related search ignore this and next.

But if your goods are target location-specific you can list the locations you want to serve here.

For example, if I’m a home service hairdresser that charges N20, 000 and above I may be selective with the areas I choose. This is definitely up to you.

The next page is where you choose the category that best fits your business. You can change this later or add more if your brand diversifies.

The next page is your details page.

NOTE: only enter the details you want to show to customers.

The options available here are:

  1. Phone Number
  2. Current website – if you don’t have a website, no problem. Just choose I don’t need a website or get a free website based on your information (here Google creates a webpage for you and it's 100% free).

Your business category could be; hospitality, tech, automobile... Basically what category your business falls into. Once you enter the first letter, Google suggests for you.

The next page allows you to stay in the know (it refers to being able to receive communications from Google)

It’s advisable to choose YES but if you don’t want Google to disturb you with their newsletters select, NO.

The next stage is the Finish and Verify

Google My Business Listing Verification Stage

This comes in two major options;

  1. Postcard by mail: Google would email a postcard to your location you registered as your business location (this would take from 7 - 14 days).
  2. Through a live chat with any of Google operators: This is advisable for people with a strong network, data and time as it takes a while before they connect you with one.

When the options above are not convenient for you at the moment (it simply means verify later).

If you pick option 1 (the mail), please provide the contact name there also because when the mail arrives they would only release it to the contact name provided.

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For instance, assuming I enter Moyo in that space, for the contact name, whenever the mail is delivered if Moyo is not there to receive it, they won't give anyone else on his behalf.

There is a final option not listed there. It could also be done via a certified Google Verifier where they physically come to inspect your location and give you a code straight away. This, however, goes between N20, 000 – N25, 000

So, if it’s your place of business, store or workspace you can choose the mail option.

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You should get an email that your postcard will be available in the next 14 days.

It automatically then takes you to your Google my business profile where you can add pictures, other info, logo, add a description and see the web address Google created for you.


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