Factors To Consider Before Investing

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Putting your hard earned money into any ivestment is risky. Although good investment is worth your money. But, life is full of experiences, and we tend to learn from these experiences. The great Roman leader Julius Caesar recorded, ''Experience is the teacher of all things,''. And, it is from experience, that this article sprouts its subject and concern.

The internet has witnessesed an increased in its users. Thus, the knowledge of what investing or investment may not be new to many.

However, it's still worth our time to redefined the factors you are to consider before plunging to any form of investment.

Investment is simply any undertaken you put your money or other resources into with the hope of getting a greater return.

One risky thing about investing, is the uncertainty of the outcome; you are kept in between losing or gaining.

Investment can be liken to playing bets. There is the probability of winning or losing.

Therefore, it demands courage and accepting the risk imbued.

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More so, before investing, you must think first, before action, consider the modalities and principles surrounding the investment.

And of cause, you should understanding that not every platform that promise you money in few days or month as the case may be is an investment opportunity. With the upsurge in the use of ICT knowledge, some gurus may decide to prey on your ignorance. The MMM is a case to remember.

Most of these platforms are created looking legitimate, with bad intent to prey you.

Not only being scammed, people lose a lot by going into what they don't fully understand. This is wrong, not only for investment but business generally. Not understanding the modalities before investing, not weighing their capacity to contend the demands of such investment.

This article like I said before, pops from the bottle of experiences. It is to help enlighten you on the modules of investing.

I'm presenting to you in this article, those things you need to consider before investing in any business or platform.

There are tales of those who invested a lot; money, time and energy, and have made it today. We can boldly speak of the world's spot one richest man, Bill Gates, the founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, etc., including the story of Nigeria's former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, who invested in MTN and is benefiting a lot today.


This is the first thing to consider before investing.

The question will always be, what will be my gains after investing in this business? Will I be able to get beyond what I staked?

As an enterpreneur, looking forward to providing solutions, you don't just sit down, think and solve a problem for nothing. First thing that should arrive your mind is the possibility of gaining from your efforts.

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Maybe as a volunteer, sponsor/supporter, what will you get in return? As a partner, will the company grow to a standard where gains will surmount? If I invest with 1 dollar, will I be able to get 2 dollar in return?


One doesn't invest and go back to sleep, Just like having faith without work, which Jesus describes as ''dead''.

Think about the work load demanded by the business, mission, company, etc..

Do you have the capacity to carry on? Can you afford the energy and stress it demands?

3. TIME:

This comes in two aspects. One is, the time you have to sacrifice and work towards achieving your expected returns from the stake. "Time is Money", and "time wasted, cannot be reverse.

It can be that after wasting much of your time, trying to get things up, it didn't go as expected. Maybe that time should've been used for something else.

Another is, how long will it take you to start benefiting from your sacrifice and investment? Will I be able to make 2 dollar in the space of one month if I invest with 1 dollar?

Everyone is hungry, everyone needs quick feedback, but quick outcome, does it really matter in your expected achievements?


Another thing to be considered is the type of business you want to invest in, or where your enthusiasm lies.

What do you think about the business you are told to invest in? Do you like it? Or will it yield better than the others?

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Assuming there are three businesses to choose one and invest in, which one will you go for? Which is the best? Which will provide a better outcome? Which takes more time and energy? Which has more work to do? How legit is one over the other? Does it have a standing standard?


In an organization or partnership or corporate business platform, you are called to invest.

Have you put to thought, the number of people involved? The number of partakers? If there are up to ten or fifty partisans, how will the profits be shared? What modalities will be used?

Do you know, number of partakers may suggest the the quality or standard of a business? (Quote me well, I said "May").


This is the last in the list.

Of all things to be considered, losing cannot be thrown off. Considering the possibility of losing can help you think again, make the right decisions and know when and how much to stake.

One can make the mistake of investing his life savings, but on the go, lose everything. If you lose, do you have a back up?

As you're planning to invest, the platform is telling you bring as much as you can, you will get better in return, have you thought of the possibility of losing? Do you have an upkeep?

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Many people who invested during the time of MMM got a story like this to tell.

Life can be cool and hot at the same time. One has to think even thrice before making decisions or take actions


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