Meet Dr. Adiemea Obed Remiguis

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Passion may be one of the most important characteristics of entrepreneurs.  Think about the like of Richard Brandson of Virgin group, Linda Ikeji and Adiemea Obed. All these and many more are entrepreneurs who are passionate about the products they create or the services they provide.

Here also is Adiemea Obed Remigius, a certified doctor of Medicine and Surgery from the renown university of Port-Harocurt. His passion to solve the numerous problems faced by businesses on daily basis has resulted in the birth of Next Consulting.

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Speaking of Dr. Adiemea Obed, passion is the bed rock of his success. He is using his passion to perfectly create a place for himself and his team through Next Consulting. Just like all other entrepreneurs, one must be passionate about his/her business.

By the way, Dr. Adiemea Obed is the CEO and founder of Next Consulting. A consulting firm dedicated to brainstorming business ideas for intending entrepreneurs. The firms brand idea is to provide entrepreneurs with the least 10 different business ideas that are tailored made for any particular business niche. And solving problems faced by entrepreneurs.

More so, Adiemea Obed is from Aggah, one of the communities in Egbema, situated in Ogba/Egbema/Ndoni LGA.

Well, being a medical doctor, one would possibly say that he wasn’t positioned as per academic for the job of a business consultant. He would be of good use if he so find in interest in consulting in the medical field. Maybe, a medical consultant for Medical Practitioners. But an encounter with him will change your business for good. After all, to succeed in medical practice, one must be business oriented.Far from that, he has taken steps ahead to better position his firm.

Hear him speak.

“Even while in the university, I could notice businesses that are doing so many things wrong that are hindering their growth.” He said, during the course of our interview with him. Aside from seeing their problems, “In minutes, I could also, develop a solution within my imagination to the problem.”

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His firm Next Consulting is a business idea solution. The firm which was launched 2018 has being making a ground breaking record in helping Small and Medium Scale Enterprises. By helping businesses discover and expand their client base system, systemize their business model and above all, converting passion to profitable business.

Adiemea Obed Remiguis
Adiemea Obed Remiguis, founder of Next Consulting

His strongest pleasure is in helping businesses to succeed. This is the sole aim of Next Consulting.

But how is he able to manage the call for business consulting and medical practice? Or is he calling medical practice a quit for business consulting? These and many more are questions that initial bothered his friends and family.

Even an as undergraduate, Adiemea Obed has always helped friends to solve business problems on a pro bono base. And when he thought of business to do jointly with medical practice; his passion sprout forth Next Consulting.

It was indeed a daunting issue trying to make family and friends believe in his passion to scale a successful business at first. Without calling medical practice a quit.

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Along the line, he discovered it take more than passion to succeed. It dawn on his that he may fail in consulting following his lack of academic qualification. It was a case of lack of academic qualification to support his passion. Of cause, running a business consulting firm, is like being a “jack of all trade” and yet master of all.

Consequently, he has taken so many courses, attend seminars, read diverse books relating to businesses in order to better the services offered to its teeming clients. He has over time grown to become an embodiment of of many mentors and coaches.

As a general rule, every startup is bond to face challenges at one point in its existence. To Adiemea Obed, it was also an issue trying to land a deal; to get businesses to consult for and solve their problems.

Finally, in all this, his desire to succeed has been pivotal to sustaining the business growth. And like a sage once said, desire is the first step to become successful. But never you live your life in the hand of fate. Believing that your desire alone will get you what you want. Always take steps to further your desire to success like Dr. Adiemea Obed.

Here are the lessons you could grasp:

1. Passion is pivotal to success in business.

2. It's not enough to be passionate without the prerequisite skills. Thus, your passion need to be backed up by the necessary skills.


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