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The fashion business is one of the fastest growing industries globally. And Nigeria is not left out of this growth. The demand for designer clothes, custom made traditional wears and other related fashion business items in Nigeria is really encouraging and demand for more capable hands in the business. The increase demand has led to many established brands in Nigerian in the fashion business. Even though most of the startup didn’t conduct good market evaluation and feasibility study. But the fact that there are many persons going into this business is enough to tell anyone that the business is lucrative. In street corners of Nigeria, you will find many of these fashion stores, either small or big. Thus, to differentiate yourself, you need carry out an in depth study to identify yourself from the crowd. This exactly is what I intend to explain here. But if by my human nature,…

best business ideas to start in 2019

There are lots of best business ideas to make money from. The best part of these business ideas is that most of them are something we do routinely. My aim is that this article becomes an opener to you to monetize these things. Won’t it be awesome to make money from eating food?

how to increase my income fast

Most millionaires were never born with a silver spoon. Most of them never even had a spoon not to talk of a golden spoon. If you want to become the best version of yourself – a millionaire, you must find out what those are the top are doing and do those things. It may be on how to increase your income. One thing is certain, success leaves a track. And if they have done those things and succeed, you can as well.