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3 Buying Objections From Your Customers And How To Help Them Overcome It

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Buying objections holding your prospects from buying from you
Buying Objections From Your Customers

We live in the age of skepticism – the world where buyers are very skeptical to make a buying decision. Your prospect would want to know every truth behind your marketing claim before he/she makes that buying decision.

There are three walls in which your prospects hide – three power buying objections they hide their fear. And your mission as a service provider or product seller is to uncover those fears and help them surmount them. It doesn’t matter what you sell and the price involved. You need to uncover them and show them that you can be trusted with their hard-earned money.

Here you will discover the three buying objections and how to help your would-be-client overcome their fear.

In the mind of your prospects are three buying objections; questions preventing them from making that buying decision. Here are they:

  1. How can I be sure I’m doing the right thing?
  2. Are you a good person to do the business? Are you the right person to buy from?
  3. What if I’m not happy after paying for the service or product?

When a prospect wants to buy from you, the above factors will always be there as a first-timer to hamper the prospect from making that decision.

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But here is how you can assist them ultimately to conquer those fears and patronize you.

Provide your prospect with educative information that will allow him/her to make an informed decision on the issue.

One of the best ways you can build trust in your prospect is to portray yourself as a professional, a thought leader – and an expert in what you do. To achieve this, you could provide your prospect with a free eBook or a free one-on-one coaching session (webinar) on a topic of great interest.

Assuming you choose to go for a free webinar training – ensure that you answer most of their questions, if no all their questions.

Sharing knowledge for free is an important way of breaking the barrier of the first buying objection – How can I be sure I’m doing the right thing? The truth is, when prospects think you are being generous with information, that you are informing them, they will respect and thank you for your openness and honesty, which build trust in them.

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Once you established trust in them selling becomes very easy.

Provide your prospects with a testimonial.

The truth is – we all like to see evidence. We want to know that you have done what you preached before. Nobody wants to be used as a testing ground, except for a few persons. But then, the social proof goes a long way in building trust in the mind of your prospects.

Testimonial is an effective way of convincing skeptical prospects that your offer is genuine. Have you ever wondered why a prospect will always ask you for evidence of previous work done? The prospect simply wants to clear his/her curiosity about some fear.

Collect as many valid testimonials from clients as possible.

Also, an opinion, endorsement from a well-known brand or institution about your offer is golden. Once your product is endorsed by a reputable brand, your product enjoys from a phenomenon known as REFLECTED INTEGRITY or MIRRORED INTEGRITY. What this means is that the prospect would transfer the attribute of the brand to you.

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Once a valid testimonial is established the buying objection of, “Are you a good person to do the business? Are you the right person to buy from?” would have been taken care of.

Provide a guarantee for what you do.

The fact remains that many people are still afraid of buying in the online space because they believe when an issue arises, it will be more difficult to resolve.

In summary, here are most of the fear your guarantee will take care of;

  1. Fear of making a bad decision or the wrong choice
  2. Fear of overpaying
  3. Fear of getting less than they bargained for
  4. Fear of being dissatisfied with nowhere to turn

The best way to break this wall is to place a guarantee on your offer.

A guarantee to a prospect means; “I believe in my product or service and you can too! It means; “When you are not satisfied with the product or service – I’m here for you”

Most importantly, you need to offer a guarantee because nobody buys when he/she is afraid. 

So, you learn something new from these buying objections and how best to assist your clients to overcome it – to ensure they buy from you.

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