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12 Lucrative Business Ideas to start with little capital in Nigeria

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lucrative business ideas to start with little capital

Starting a business in Nigeria seems like a big deal and task for so many persons. This, however  is as a result of many factors. Some of which are due to lack of knowledge, the skill required to run the business. Some may also be confronted by their inability to spot business ideas to start with little capital.

 “Knowledge is Power” quip Sir Francis Beacon. The dearth of it has led to many wannabe entrepreneurs to hook-up to the corporate ladder. Some procrastination has become the order the day.

Below I will be looking at 12 Lucrative Business Ideas to start with little capital in Nigeria. thus, without wasting much time let’s quickly look at them.

12 Business Ideas to start with little capital in Nigeria

1.         Food stuffs Business

It’s of no doubt that we eat every day. In fact, food is one of the basic needs of man. This has accounted for the reason why you can find food vendors in almost every nook and crane of Nigeria and provision shop or store. The business is continuously increasing as the day goes by. Surprising enough this business is very lucrative and you don’t need too much capital to start it.

Notably, some vendors have innovated the way this business is been done. Take, for instance, the like of those who now sell these food stuffs online. Day after day, my Instagram handle is being flooded by these food vendors. In fact, with the way trend is going, traditional stores may even become a thing of the past.

Some food stuff vendors now run errand for those who can comfortably place food stuff orders online and they will deliver it to them in their homes within minutes.

2.         Restaurant Business

A discussion about business ideas to start with little capital wouldn’t possibly be complete without a mention of a restaurant business. Without mimicking words, this business is indeed profitable. If you don’t think they make a lot of money then maybe you should make out time and go to any restaurant, fast food, and eatery or roadside food vendors to see how many customers they get daily. People eat food every day so if cooking is your thing then I think this business is for you. With little capital, you can start running this kind of business.

3.         Dry Cleaning Business

Dry cleaning business is becoming more lucrative ever than before in Nigeria as many persons tend to need the services of a dry cleaner. Notably, not everyone is good at washing and ironing, while some persons see it as a big task that comes with stress, you can leverage it to make good money

So, if you are good at washing and ironing and looking for a small business idea to start with little capital then I think you should try this out.

You should, however, note that location is paramount to succeed in this kind of business.

4.         Tailoring/Fashion Design Business

In today’s world, looking good is good business.  And it’s one of those things everyone always wants; to look good, admirable and be praised for their good looks and couple with a sense of style and fashion. With this, all the credits go to the tailors and fashion designers who make the clothes. Many people especially the young people are now venturing into it. Starting this business doesn’t require a lot of money, just get your sewing machine and your sewing accessories and you are good to go. And of cause,  you should know that the skill is key to starting this business.

Most interestingly, this business can be started from the comfort of your home.

5.         Bakery/Baking Business

Most persons love to eat snacks on a daily basis though not all of us majority does, especially children who like them a lot. Many persons now prefer to use snacks in ceremony parties than cooked food to save time, cost and the stress of cooking. This is a good omen that this business has come to stay.

With the proper skill and knowledge staring this business doesn’t require trailer load of capital to start.

6.         Graphics Design Business

On daily basis, there are thousands of programs taking place in Nigeria from a wedding, church programs, seminars, etc with almost 90% of them having flyers, posters, and banners for their publicity which has made the business of graphics design in Nigeria a very lucrative one. All you need is your computer either desktop or laptop.

Interestingly this business doesn’t require any startup capital, just have a good knowledge of the tools use in designing with a touch of creativity.

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7.         Phone / Computer Repair Business

This one is quite obvious as we all know that people’s phones and computers get damaged for different reasons.

Here in this part of the world (Nigeria), people prefer to get their phones and computers repaired compared to our counterparts in the western nations. They simply dispose of their gadgets and buy a new one rather than getting the damaged ones repaired

So, if you reside in Nigeria, this may be your goldmine. Just the way the Founder of Tecno and Infinix phone started.

Starting this business equally doesn’t require lots of capital to start. You can even squat with shop owners to do your own business. 

8.         Transportation Business

I know this one may come as a surprise to you. You may, however, be thinking that I mean opening or starting a transport company like RTC, God Is Good Motors, etc. starting such business is profitable but requires a lot of capital to start. I don’t mean such a transportation business. But, the transport business in the like of a motorcycle or a tricycle popularly called Kekenapep.

May persons downgrade this business, simply because the society has stereotyped it a no-man venture. That many people overlook this business doesn’t change the fact that those doing this business are making good money on a daily basis.

9.         Barbing Business

This is one of the business ideas to start with little capital that is predominantly left for the male folks. Without any doubt this is one of the most lucrative businesses. People get their hair cut on a daily basis especially the males and few females who don’t make or plait their hair.  Overtime, this business has become a gold mine to some persons. Personally, I have witnessed the lucrative nature of this business and I can confidently say, that’s worth going into.

10.       Hair Dressing/Hair making Business

Like the other business idea, this is a female-dominated business. It doesn’t however, mean that men can’t go into it. In fact, most women prefer talented male’s that can dress their hair.

Women get their hair made and dressed regularly as to always look attractive and beautiful. With the high population of women, this business has proved to be very lucrative especially here in Nigeria. Starting this business doesn’t require a lot of capital as you can start it from the comfort of your home.

11.       Clothing Store/Cloth selling Business

Clothing is another basic need of man. Like I earlier said that looking good is good business. People wear clothes every day and people buy clothes every day. While this seems to be a normal thing, it has also been a very lucrative business in Nigeria and any part of the world.

12.       Computer Service Business

This is one of my favorites businesses because of this business due to the lucrative nature. To say the list, I currently run this kind of venture and it’s really fetching good money. People need computer services on a daily basis from online registration to photocopy, typesetting, computer training, etc. Interestingly you can start it with little capital. Just get your computer and photocopier or printer and possibly a generator for electricity back up. I remember I started this business from the secondary school I was teaching with a laptop and the school printer before I eventually got an office to use.  

In conclusion, I know there are many persons who want to do business but don’t know which business to do or maybe you don’t know the business to do with little capital but with this article, I believe you can be rest assured to start somewhere. Mind you, there are many other lucrative businesses to start here in Nigeria but just choose to pick this 12 business ideas.


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