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You see, Facebook has become the new ATM of our time. But the truth is that, Facebook can never disburse equal amount to everyone. During this period, I have received plenty questions from clients who, especially want to upscale their businesses, while others are feeling more dejected now than they met Facebook. One of such unhappy client felt bitterer by her pointless efforts to make sale on Facebook. In fact, she openly told me that she is quitting Facebook come 2020 for good. Are you for real; you’re quitting Facebook for “good”? At this point I was all smiling to myself. Had she been with me, I know she would have been in consternation caused by my fidgeting smiles Here is the thing; Facebook should actually take a bigger part of your marketing strategy by the year 2020. I won’t emphases further this in this post so that I can…

the 5 parts of every busines - ESY MEDIA

To build a successful business whether as a solo-preneur or team, you must understand the various part nay, the components of a successful business and how they function for your business. Like the human body, whenever a single part malfunctions, it affects the overall well being of the body. In the same manner, every part of the business contributes to the success or failure of the business.