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6 Profitable Skills To Learn And Make Money As A Graduate In Nigeria

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profitable skills to learn
most profitable skills to learn

The labour force population, that’s those who are within the working age, has increased from 79.9 to 80.67 million, according to the recent statistics released by the National Bureau of Statistics. And it’s estimated that the unemployment rate in Nigeria will hit 33.5 percent by 2020 as against the 23.1 in the third quarter of 2018. This statistic is quite alarming. And this is more reason why a graduate should consider learning any of the profitable skills I have discussed here.

Notwithstanding, year after years our educational institutions graduate millions of young ambitious youths.  The ugly part is that these young graduates are still beclouded by the reality of our present day Nigerian society. Have you asked yourself what are your chances of getting a job after graduating? I doubt most never wondered. It becomes an issue only after most have graduated.

This shouldn’t be so for you reading this now. I’m glad you find this work. Because, I will be showing you hot and profitable skills that you can learn to supplement or even take up as a full time job after graduation.

Also, with these profitable skills you will break out from the web of waiting or thinking of who to employ you after graduation, because, you will start making cool cash for yourself even from the comfort of your home.

More so, I have come to the realization that the reason why most persons don’t make money is ignorance. Knowledge is power, Sir Francis Beacon would say. And that’s why I will be sharing with you these profitable skills you can learn to remain financially stable after graduation. But, the sad part of this is that, only knowing these profitable skills isn’t enough. However, putting them to practice would guarantee you financial stability.

So, what are the skills to learn that are profitable? Without further ado, here are the skills.

Profitable Skills To Learn And Make Money As A Graduate In Nigeria

1. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a big time profitable skill to learn. Many people have huge numbers of followers on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and even more other social media. And yet lack the knowledge on how to convert them into streams of income. It’s no longer new that the internet has become a gold mine.

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s product or services. The system is quite simple. You find a product you like, promote it on your platforms where people can buy or patronize the company and then, after sale, you get a commission for the product.

There is lots of affiliate programs out there that pay you huge commission when someone buys a product you are promoting using your affiliate link, like clickbank. Some product you can earn as much as 50% commission on a single product.

So, imagine how much you will be making in a month time.

2. Graphic Designing

Another important profitable skill a jobless graduate can acquire is graphic designing. This is one skill that I cherish so much. Once you are known for what you do, the money will always come. Currently, I have a graduate friend who is into this skill. He works virtually for printing companies and an official graphic designer with modeling agencies and also with small businesses. I tell you, there is no month he doesn’t earn the least N30, 000+. And the good part of this is that he works from the comfort of his house.

This is an industry to explore as a recent graduate without any work. However, it will require you to be a Pro in areas, like, Logo Creation, Posters, complimentary cards, photo editing and others. You need to focus on an aspect and become an expert.

This requires you to become very creative, to make good fortune out from it. Knowing, how to blend your colour pattern well.

And endeavour to always deliver on promise. If you do this, getting clients won’t be the problem, because the persons you have done previous work with, will always recommend you to their friends and business partners.

3. Writing

Do you know that writing is a big business? Well, now you know. If you’re not already a good writer then, you should think of improving your writing skill.

Over 50% of my monthly earning comes from writing. When I talk of writing, it encompasses all form of content development; SEO Writing, Copy Writing, Creative Writing, academic writing and the host of others.

You could be making more than N50, 000 monthly if you really put effort in writing for business. Last year, I was working with a travel agency as a content developer. At least before I quit the job with them, I know how much I was making.

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4. Drop shipping

Talking about profitable skills to learn as a graduate, considering Drop shipping won’t be a bad idea. Drop shipping is another lucrative and guarantees flow of income to you. The business model is quite simple. Although you need a business coach to put you through the process in order to function effectively. If you ever want to venture into this kind of business and need someone to put you through, just comment below, and I will ensure you get a business coach on it.

So, in Drop shipping, first you look for a buyer, order the products through an e-commerce site and ship to the buyer and earn a profit in return.

For more clarity, let assume Mr. John wants to buy an Apple Laptop but doesn’t know how to. What you as a drop shipper need to do is meet someone who deal on Laptop sales, Apple Laptop per se, buy from him at a cheap price and resell to Mr. John at a higher price.

5. Blogging Skill

Here comes the most profitable skill of them all I have seen. Someone somewhere may argue that blogging isn’t a skill. That’s fine! But to run a successful blog requires so many skills. So don’t be misled. Both simple and hard skills combined.

But the good part is that blogging is very profitable. Take for instance, Linda’s blog. To place an advert there, you pay not less than N75, 000 upward monthly depending on the advert. Some you pay half a million. Imagine you have such a blog.

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Indeed, blogging is real business and if you don’t have what it takes, you will quit before you even start to see the glory in it. You really need to be passionate and patient enough to see your hustle pay. In fact, blogging isn’t a get rich quick scheme. Sometimes, getting result from blogging may even take up to a year or more depending on what you know about blogging.

This however, doesn’t mean that you can’t get result in months. It all depend on how committed you are and the value you’re giving.

6. Social Media Management:

Recently, many business owners are now recognizing the importance of being found online. Thus, social media management is a profitable skill for any graduate who want to work remotely from anywhere in the world.

Basically what you will do as a social media manager is to represent clients; companies and businesses across social media channels. It could be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or others depending on the client. Sometimes, a client may only need you to represent him/her in a particular social media. You do this by becoming the client’s brand sole voice – you respond to comments, compile campaigns and create content for the client’s social media.

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Thus, it’s important that you position yourself very well for the job. Remembering that the ultimate goal as a social media manager is to create brand awareness, drive traffic to client’s online handles and increase sales.

Hope this is really helpful to you?

Now, it’s your turn. Is there any profitable skill I missed out? Then, use the comment box below to tell me. I will be sure to update this work and add it.


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