4 Top Secrets To Become Wealthy (Within One Year) – Pt1

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"Becoming wealthy is not extremely difficult as most people thought." Herbert said during his convocation. If your spoken words are true, why are good numbers of persons not wealthy? Instead we have the poor masses and the rich few. A student responded swiftly.

“Permit me to lend from the words of Sir Francis Bacon, Knowledge is power. This is a pure truth. Except that most persons have refused to empower the knowledge they have by applying it."

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4 Top Secrets To Become Wealthy

# Have Passion For To Become Wealthy

Growing up, I never knew what it takes to become wealthy. Although, I have always admired those living in affluence, but never understood what they have done to enjoy the wealth.

Consequently, a day came; I was tired of admiring the wealthy lives of those that live around me. If I continue in this state, I doubt to become wealthy some day. As a result, I needed to find out; if there is something they are doing differently from me. I needed to become wealth too.

# Seek Knowledge

I phoned Herbert, this was a Tuesday evening. I was going to see him.  I needed to find out what it takes to become wealthy.

Herbert has been my friend since I was 13. We went to the same Secondary school. His parents weren't rich though, but in our early 20s even though we were still in the University, he was doing fine. Hebert never lacked anything. In fact, he lived in affluence.

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He was among those whom people thought are from the family of politicians. But only those who knew his background know that he wasn't.

“I'm glad you are not happy with your current status. If you had not gotten angry but become contended with what your financial status, you may continue living in peanut.

You see, it takes money, time, discipline, and a little luck to become to live my kind of life." Herbert noted.

Even though, he had no car, I supposed he didn't need it because we were still in school. I know he can afford one.

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For instance, he shocked everyone on his convocation day when he presented to his parents, a receipt of a house he bought in the city. I was sound academically compare to Herbert, yet my account is without enough money to cartel for my needs let alone buy a house. That day, I kept wondering what he knew about how to become wealthy that I didn’t know.

Therefore, whether your bank account is overdrawn or you are born with a silver spoon, you need money to become wealthy.

Notwithstanding, you don't need a trailer load of money to become wealthy. It's what you do with the little you have that determines whether you will be raking in cash soon.

Throughout this piece, I will be sharing with you the top secrets my friend, Herbert used to amass great wealth even while in school.

This is a practical guide for anyone who desires to build a massive fortune. So, whether you are broke now or not, that's not the conscience of this guide. But that at the end of it, if you practically discipline yourself to apply the principles contained here, naturally, wealth will come knocking at your door.

Before I dive into the business of this work, let me say that this work is structured into various parts. Therefore, when you are done with this section, I have left a link below to the next one.

Note that this is not “secrets” to become wealthy "overnight." But a proven system to become wealthy when applied consistently, it will build you a fortune.

how to become wealthy
how to become wealthy within one year

# Who Is This Guide For?

Who exactly is this guide for? This guide on how to become wealthy is for any who wants to know:

# Secrets to Becoming Wealthy in Your 20s

# How To Become A Millionaire

# Steps Anyone Can Take To Become Rich

# How To Start Small To Become Wealthy, and many more questions relating to how to build wealth.

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Anyways, the first step to build wealth is to desire wealth. It’s this burning desire in you that will force you to persevere above all odd. By reading this work, I perceive a burning desire in you already.

So, let’s get started.

#Have A Source Of Income

As I said earlier, you don't need to have your account jam-packed with money to become wealthy; it's what you do with that money that matters.

If not, how could Herbert, a student buy a house worth 4.5 millionaire during his convocation? He wasn't from the wealthy class, so it's practically impossible except by dubious means. But the house was bought in a legitimate way.

Hence, except you are born into riches, you need to have a source of income to become wealthy.

“I was doing some paid job." This was my friend’s first secret to become wealthy. No matter what, get a paid job. Some persons make the mistake of believing that they are not wealthy because their employer doesn't pay them much. And I doubt if my friend was been paid million that enabled him live in affluence even whilst a student.

Finally, if you already have a paid job, you are 20% on track to build great wealth.

So, hold on to the next secret on how to become wealthy.


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