4 Reasons Why Most Persons May Never Become Wealthy

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Reasons why most persons don't Become wealthy
4 reasons you may not become wealth here in Nigeria`

While I was in Anambra State 2 months ago, I was engaged in a discussion that opened my eyes. A discussion that made me to questioned why most people don’t become wealthy in a country like Nigeria full of resources. I’m not oblivious of the fact that our dear country is in dire need of capable leadership.

Last week, precisely on 5 May 2019 at 2:39 pm, I made a short piece of this work on my Facebook wall, where I vehemently state that money isn’t the main reason why most persons don’t become wealthy. Although, in the short piece I made on Facebook, I captioned it; WHY MOST PERSONS MANY NEVER BECOME RICH (Money Isn’t The Problem). I have in my Facebook wall promised to develop the work into a full flesh article with proven reasons on how to curb the problems which this work has identified.

Less I forget, this work has been re-titled following my understand of the difference between “becoming rich” and “becoming wealthy”

For more clarity, “a wealthy person is with sustainable wealth. In other words, a wealthy person will always be wealthy, whereas someone who is rich will only be so for a short period of time until the money is gone.” And to follow the understanding of Robert Kiyosaki, “the rich have lots of money but the wealthy don’t worry about money.”

Having made this understanding, let proceed to the business of the day.


The above statement may sound absurd because it contravene daily convention. Nevertheless, by reading further, you will see my line of thought. Below are the factors I consider as a major handicap to becoming wealthy by the majority of Nigerians.

#1. Most Persons Don’t Believe They Can Become Wealthy:

The average Nigerian child grows up in environment where paucity is at its peak. To narrow down my statement, major of Nigerians grow up in families where we have never met or known anyone who is wealthy. Sometimes, in our entire communities we may not even have anyone who is wealthy. We go to school and mingle with people who are not wealthy. We graduate and work with people who are still not wealthy.

And this continues.

It’s at this point in our lives; we have a reference point of those who we can confidently compare ourselves with. Within the average Nigerian, you begin to hear statement like, “I'm not the only one who isn't wealthy.”

Aside, that, I remember when I was much younger, I had role models who are not wealthy as well. What does the poor role model know about becoming wealthy? Oh! I wish the present me had met with the before me. I would have been smarter than the present me.

Now, tell me, if this circle of association continues throughout our early stages, let’s say, in our 20s what do you think will happen to us when we grew up to become full adults? It may just turn out that becoming wealthy isn’t for us. Thus, the statement, "Poverty is passed on genetically."

Let’s take another dimension. Have you noticed the way those that grew up with the few wealthy people behave? It shows in their attitude.

Those kids who grew up with wealthy parents have more chance of becoming wealthy than those who grew up, without know what wealth entails. Not because of their money, but because they know what it means to be wealthy, they know the taste of wealth.

The rich kids believe that to become wealthy is part of life whereas, the average Nigerian just live life to fate. Wherever life push them to, that is the direction they go. The poor kids react rather than respond to life.

If you still think that money is the major issue, then consider this. Why do you think that 65% pro athletes to go bankrupt within 5 years later? This is after they have amassed enough money and yet still go bankrupt. I think because they are poor and poverty mentality still flow through them.

# Solution

The first law of wealth is desire. Your desire to become wealthy will opens your mind to ask questions relating to wealth. For instance, “why are most persons comfortable with their state of poverty?” This was the same question that saw the existence of this work.

Take it or leave it. Until you change your mindset, you will always remain poor. While the average Nigerian look for opportunity to spend money, those with wealth mentality seek for opportunity to invest their money.

Wealthy begins from your mindset.

#2. Most Persons Don’t Make A Decision To Become Wealthy:

There is no amount of association with wealthy persons that can change a man who isn’t ready for a change. And not even the books or the seminar the person attend can. Every change starts from within to manifest without. And because most persons never realized that it’s possible to become wealthy, they have also not been able to make that single decision.

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Further we make decisions when we fail to decide on what is right for us. When you don’t decide to become wealthy, you indirectly accept to live in scarcity.

I could remember while I was in school. Seeing my friend Herbert live in affluence; I wasn’t contented with my state, I took the first step to find out what to do. I decided to become wealthy as well.

Hoping or wishing to become wealthy alone won’t solve the problem.

Therefore, decide now. If you don’t decide to do things differently from what you are doing now, you will keep getting the same result. So decide on what you want and start the process of getting it by doing the things that are necessary. Those who are wealthy do only few things which are necessary to accomplish more than the average person.

#3. Most Persons Keep Procrastinating:

This work I planned writing it April 20 2019. But I gave many excuses that prevented me from doing it. Not until 3 May when I took a firm stands to write the article.

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This clearly, is the problem of most people. We always have good reason why we can’t do it. Why we can’t become financially independent. It’s from one excuse to the other. Think within yourself, you will discover how procrastinating you have become.

Consequently, even when a person realizes that it’s possible to become wealthy and has taken that stand to become wealthy, procrastination sets in to ruin the whole process. Thus, their dream or plans of becoming financial freedom become an indefinite desire, with no sign of accomplishment.

#4. Most Play Now And Pay Later

Majority of Nigerian lack the discipline to delay gratification. Youthful exorbitant lead us to an exorbitant lifestyle. We sometimes live a life to impress others. We are tempted to play now and pay later, instead of paying now to play later.

Wealth is like a seed that must be planted, nurtured to maturity before harvesting. But we make the mistake of spending all we have for the pleasure of today.


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