3 Things Holding You Back (Part 2)

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What is holding you back from starting

I started a series on this topic days back on the 3 major reasons you are yet to launch your idea and start that project or business you  have been brewing for ages.

3 Things Holding You Back (Part 1)

First, as an entrepreneur, starting is the most important step in a journey of success and maximum impact.

Now, let’s take the next major reason for inactivity.

Perfecting Your Skills And Ideas

Many creative people are incapacitated by the need for perfection in their skill or talent. And they use this as a perfect excuse not to start working on their big ideas just yet.

They safely say that they need more skill, more knowledge, better experience, more research, more and more of something else.

This is understandable considering you have not done what is intended before; as a matter of fact nobody may have ever done it before. That's why it’s a big idea right?

Take a look at Facebook today. Can you imagine the difference between the sophisticated Facebook platform we have today compared to the first ever Facebook App launched in 2004?

All the amazing features: Facebook messenger, sending of pictures and documents, live streaming, Facebook advertising, Facebook groups, Facebook page, Facebook stories.

All these and more where not in the first App, however the Facebook App always had the potential for all these and many more things uncle Mark is going to shock us with.

What if our uncle was waiting to have the whole concept of live streaming and Facebook stories figured out before he could launch the app?

Yes you are right! He could have been waiting till today. Perhaps he could never have started Facebook. Maybe another person would have captured the idea of social network and started something similar but another name. It would never have been Mark Zuckerberg

You cannot afford to wait to perfect your idea. What does that even mean?

Perfection is a myth, there is nothing like that on Earth. Everything is in a state of constant improvement and growth.

All that's known about a thing today is not all that can be known. Knowledge is being added to everything of worth per second.

Men are thinking, Improvement is being made upon all things. Including your area of discipline and skill.

You can never capture a concept and cage it to one stage of existence. Thinking men will take that concept and take it to its next level of existence.

You are not the one that will determines whether your idea will sell, or your business be successful. It’s the market, the public.

It is not the number of years you spent brewing on it that determines its success either.

Most times your long wait is a a reflection of fear and low self esteem. You must overcome your personal fears and give your product and idea a chance. Success is not possible without this battle

You product must be tested by the people its meant for, and every loophole in it will be exposed anyways.

The market is that brutal, they are not your friends and family that will accept nonsense from you. Your product must pass the test. whether you wait from now till eternity, it will not escape market injunction.

The verdict of the market is what you need urgently. With it you can go on improving your product or dump it all together, but you cannot keep waiting for perfection.

You are never going to come up with a perfect product in your first attempt anyways.

Your first outing may be awful; you have to accept that fact.

Your product is going to need improvement many times, and even after the market has accepted it, more improvements will be made.

The day you stop making improvements on it is the day the product slides into oblivion and irrelevance because new improved and better products and services will overtake it.

How about your skills? They still need improvement which can happen even while you are on the job. You see why it doesn't make any sense to wait till eternity to perfect your skills?

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