3 Things Holding You Back (Part 1)

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3 things holding you back from starting

Nothing Influences the outcome of your life for most creative than this thing you are going to hear. It is that you START NOW.

3 Things Holding You Back (Part 2)

For Most young people like me, it is not a lack of ideas that's your Problem. Your mind is buzzing with ideas; you actually have a problem of too many good ideas.

You have developed yourself, you have knowledge you can benefit from. You have a skill that can pay you.

You actually know what to do or at least where to start from. But somehow you have not gotten yourself to START for reasons such as:

>> Perfect timing

>> Perfecting your skills

>> Startup Capital

>> Where exactly to start from

If you are plagued with any of these then you are the one holding yourself back.

I will be doing a post to cover these 4 major mind blocks and how to overcome them. And this is the part 1.

1) Overcoming The Perfect Timing Mind Block

First of all there is no perfect timing in the future for anything. In fact, perfect timing is a myth.

You could get a better time to start but there will never be the best time. Most likely that better time is now. Perfect timing is a deception.

Your conditions will keep changing making you wait till a perfect condition which could never come. And should it come, your mind will set another condition that needs to be met before you should proceed.

Can't you see it is your default failure setting that is trying to play a fast one on you?

Everyone has a lazy, comfortable default mode that is afraid of change and the discomfort of uncertainty. And every successful person has had to hack that lazy mind and proceed nonetheless.

Failure is a default setting, success has a lot of codes, if you leave yourself without reprogramming, you will “jejely” arrive at failure without efforts.

The adage says "the best time plant a tree was 20 years ago, the next best time is now."

Imagine what would have happened by now if you started that business 20 years ago?

What if you had started the website 5 years ago and stayed consistent until now?

Can you imagine the success you would have had if you overcame the fear of failure much earlier and actually started doing something on your talent/Skill/Idea?

The truth is that you could have met some challenges which are inevitable; you could have learned invaluable lessons from failure.

 Lessons you must still learn if you will ever succeed. Lessons it is now you will start learning if you endeavour to start after reading this.

But most importantly, you could have succeeded beyond your wildest imaginations.

This is the best part; this is what should motivate you.

Imagine yourself in the next 10 years if you start your dream business/ Idea today. Imagine yourself successful. It is possible.

But the truth is, if you do not start today, you may not start tomorrow or next month or next year. You may not start altogether and that is how dreams die.

In the end starting earlier would have been your best decision and starting now remains your current best choice.

A lot of the insanely successful people didn't envisage the level of success they are enjoying today. They just had their ideas and decided to give it all it takes. Most importantly, THEY GOT STARTED. You too, can!

You cannot have an amazing idea and keep wondering whether it will be a hit in your head.

Get out there and give your idea a chance. Nobody will get to know your idea, nobody will believe in you, nobody will appreciate and pay for your services if your idea never takes off.

Start, fail, learn, tweak the idea and continue. Grow as you keep at it. Fail plenty, learn fast.

Let the possibility of your success Motivate you not the uncertainty of failure.  In the end the ideas that will succeed are only the ones that you got the courage to start.

 And the only regrets will be the chances you never took.

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