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Aliko Dangote: 14 Things You Didn’t Know About Him

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14 things you didn't know about Aliko Dangote
facts about Aliko Dangoteq

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian business magnete. He was born April 10 1957 in Kano. He was born into a wealthy family and developed a keen interest for business at a young age.

Aliko Dangote first attempt in business was selling candy bars to his friends and classmates in primary school.

The Dangote group was started when he was only 21 years. But today, his business has diversified to different sectors, ranging from Cement, Sugar, Salt, Banking, Telecom, and more.

Today, in Nigeria, the name Aliko Dangote is a house hold name. His businesses dominate in there respective areas. This has made him the richest black man of African descent according to Forbes magazine

However, having introduced this business tycoon that has carved out a place for the Africans in the global sphere, here are 15 Things you probably didn't know about him.

#1. His Great Grandfather Was The Richest Man In West Africa At The Time Of His Death.

His great grandfather, Alhaji Alhassan Dantata, made an absolute fortune from his export business. He sold ground nuts and kola nuts to companies in Europe. And he was also a distributor of European goods.

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Further more, Alhaji Dantata had an investment in countries that work along the Gold coast. At one point during his life time, he was captured and held for ransom with the threat that he would be sold into slavery.

However, his family paid the ransom and he was set free. He went back to business after he regained freedom.

By the Time Of His Death in 17 August 1955 he became the richest man in West Africa.

#2. Aliko Dangote is the 136th Richest Man In The World.

In 2014 he was named as the 23 richest person in the World. He had a net worth of about 25 billion dollars.

But in 2018 he was ranked in forbes list of world billionaire. He emerged as the 100th richest man in the world. But in 2019 he emerged 136 richest person in the world ranking directly Rodolphe Saadé & family above and Walter P.J. Droege below.

#3. He Is The Richest Person In Africa:

In 2013 Aliko became the richest person Of African decent when his wealth surpassed the Saudi Ethiopia billionaire Mohammed Al-Amoudi by 2.6 billion dollars.

Currently, he is the richest person in Africa with a net worth of 10.3 billion dollars followed by Mike Adenuga with net worth of 9.2 billion dollars.

#4. His Uncle Gave Him A 3,000 Dollars Loan To Start A Business:

Aliko Dangote graduated from Egypt's Al-Azhar University and decided to move back to Nigeria to Start his career.

One of his uncle gave him 3,000 as a loan to enable him startup a business.

That same uncle helped him secure a contract with the government to manufacture cement. And he used the fund to launch the Dangote group in 1977.

He started with cement and expanded to other aspects like textiles, Banking, sugar, salt and flower.

And by 2013, he was pulling a revenue of over 1 billion dollar.

#5. His Net Worth Is 10.3 Billion dollars:

Aliko's wealth has fluctuated quite a bit over the years.

His wealth increased to 16.1 billion dollars in 2013 alone to give him a peak wealth of 25 billion in 2014. In 2015 his Net Worth was 14.7 billion and in 2016 he was ranked for 15.4 billion dollars. His Net Worth again failed in 2017 to 12.2 billion dollars but jumped back to 14.1 Billion in 2018.

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However, 2019 current status puts his net worth to 10.3 billion dollars.

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Dangote has planned to continually expand his business over the next several years. And his future net worth should reflect that.

#6. He Was Accused Of Forcing Residents Off Of Land He Wanted To Buy:

In 2014 Aliko Dangote made a deal with the Lagos State governor, Babe Tunde Fashiola to purchase a large area of land for a Petrochemical Plant.

There were many people living in that area and it was reported that the governor along with Dangote, hired officers from the Special Anti-robbery Squad to clear them off the land. They did so through threat and intimidation and ultimately arresting a large number of men and women who refused to leave their properties.

They also used Tear-gas and shot their guns in the air. The people were forced to moved out of the land without any form of compensation or relocation house.

The officers told residents that they were on a mission to clear of the land for Aliko Dangote.

#7. He Allegedly Received Preferential Treatment From The Government In Return For Some Large Donation:

There are instant controversies surrounding Dangote Business practice, which many believe that he receives preferential treatments from the government which may be traced to his involvement in politics and some large donations he gives to the government.

In 2003 he donated over 1 million dollar to the then president of the time, Olusegun Obasanjo to support his reelection campaign. And he also donated 1.5 million dollar more to the National mosque and the presidential library.

He is being know to give donations to every Nigerian president. And in turn, he has been allegedly awarded with import ban on certain goods his company produces. Exclusive import rice and other preferential treatments.

#8. He Donated 1.2 Billion Dollars To His Charitable Foundation:

In 1994 Aliko created the Aliko Dangote Foundation and since then, the foundation has donated over 100 million dollars for charitable causes.

In 2014 to celebrate the 20 years of his foundation, Aliko set up an endowment with 1.2 billion Dollars of his own money.

Among his charitable endeavor is the building 200 housing unit for displaced people in 2013.

He said he would rather be known as Africa greatest philanthropist than Africa richest man.

#9. He Own A 45 Million Dollars Private Jet:

In the year 2000 Dangote bought himself a very expense birthday present of 45 million dollars private Jet.

The Jet consist 8 comfortable passagers seaters and has the capacity to fly from Nigeria to China.

His Jet was the first of its kind to be owned by a Nigerian citizen.

#10. The Dangote Group Had More Than 4.1 Billion Dollar In Revenue In 2017:

Aliko announced the company's 2017 revenues as been more than 4.1 billion dollars. And he also pledged to invest more than 4.6 billion dollars by 2020 in sugar, rice productions and others.

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He hope to reduce the country's reliance on imported goods which will in turn increased his profit tremendously.

According to him, the project will open up more than 1,000 jobs for Nigerians.

#11. He Is Building A 12 Billion Petroleum Refinery:

The latest project of the Dangote Group includes building a petroleum refinery in the city of Lagos.

The project plan cost 12 billion dollars.

The facility will be the single largest train refinery in the world.

Dangote's ultimate goal is to eliminate Nigerians need for refined petroleum products.

In January 2017, Aliko also announced that he was partnering with a Chinese firm called Sinotruck to build a 100 million dollars truck manufacturing facility also in Lagos.

#12. He Owns Two Houses In Atlanta:

Before now, Dangote owns two homes in Atlanta where he usually stay each time on vacation but sold them off because they were too much of hustle.

#13. He Did Not Take A Single Vacation For His First 20 Years Of Business:

One of the benefits of having a massive fortune is being able to travel when and where you want.

But Dangote was not interested in taking the opportunity for his first 20 of business.

He was more focused on building and expanding his conglomerate. He is still as busy as ever, but he has a well maintained business infrastructure that allows him to go on vacation much more often now.

In fact, he says for every two weeks he works, he likes to take a week off. His favorite vacation spot is in America; Atlanta precisely.

#14. He Is Nigeria's First Billionaire:

Dangote has a plan to make Nigeria one of the Economic super powers. And he has single handedly played a huge role in the impact Nigeria is currently having in the international business stage.

Dangote claims many titles to his credit.

As at now, 2019 he is one of the two billionaires in Nigeria, with the other one called Mike Adenuga, who made his fortune from his involvement in the Petroleum industry.


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