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10 Things You Can Learn From Aliko Dangote

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aliko dangote

Aliko Dangote is a Nigerian Billionaire and the founder of Dangote Group. The company operates in Nigeria and other Africa countries.

The business tycoon was named the richest person in Africa and the richest Blackman on earth by Forbes Magazine in 2017.

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Aliko Dangote is currently building an oil and gas refinery in Nigeria worth $9 billion dollars, to be completed between 2018 and 2021. His company is also building a multi-million dollar fertilizer processing facility.

It will further interest you to know that Dangote Group is the largest conglomerate in West Africa.

Thus, in this article, you will be discovering his top secrets to success. But before I continue, let me say, that there is no such thing as overnight success. if you want to become the next Dangote, you have to have a big heart.

1)    Become A Good Listener:

Being a leader is quite not an easy task. Like it's said, uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.

Leadership is all about influence. Your ability to influence those you lead. And of cause, every entrepreneur needs to possess some kind of leadership skills to navigate through the competitive market or lead your team to success.

According to Aliko Dangote, to be a good leader you have to be a good listener. You have to listen to a quite number of persons; your team members precisely. Build a good team.

As he rightly said, "it has to be a teamwork" thus, rack your brain as a team to know the next step ahead.

2)    Be Consistent:

"Life without Challenges is very boring." Aliko Dangote.

 You must be consistent with business. Business life is full of challenges. So when you start a business, there may be some sort of challenges. Be prepared for challenges.

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Every business is associated with some kind of difficulty but it doesn't mean that business won't work or succeed. "There must be challenges ", he said.

When you are faced with challenges, you should know when to work out or work around these challenges. That's what success demand from you.

Business doesn't like changing so quick to another business just because you are faced with one or two problems. No, you have to be consistent.

3)    Be Well Informed:

Information rules the world. You need to arm yourself with as much as you can lay hands on.

By being better informed you will be able to make decisions and take the right decision.

The 21st century is an era of technology. You should be able to know how to leverage technology to better your business.

4)    Be Focus:

Jumping from one business to another won't help. Rather being focused on one does.

Success is not an overnight thing. Most persons just want to wake up from sleep and see their dream life. Life isn't a wish house.

What is required of you in life is to be very focused and dedicated to whatever you are doing. Some persons have formed the habit of trying one thing today and within a month time, draw a conclusion that it doesn't work, thus, jumping to another.

You have to believe in what you are doing.

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Further, don't take your business or job as something you must do, No! See it as being part if your hobby. The reason is this, if its part of your hobby, you tend to do it better.

5)    Think Ahead:

"Thinkers rule the world," David Ibiyeomie.

As an entrepreneur, you must learn to think ahead. In business, what is good today may not be good tomorrow.

And to remain relevant, you have to sometimes diversify to consolidate in order to move forward.

Attend seminars, read books in your field of business. With this, you will be ahead of others and better make a future prediction of occurrence in your business.

6)    Have A Vision:

An entrepreneur must have a vision. A vision which you tend to actualize. Make your vision so big that it will be capable of taking away sleep from your eyes at night.

Your vision should not stand as a limit to what you can do. In entrepreneurship, there are no limits to what you can do. You can excel beyond your expectations.

Also, developing a mission and a vision statement is very crucial to entrepreneurship. At least, it will serve as a guide to your business, knowing what you tend to do in order to actualize your dream.

7)    Do Only Things You Understand:

As a company or an individual, don't go into business you don't quite understand.

Sir Francis Bacon once said; Knowledge is power. You possibly won't excel in any venture you don't have knowledge of. But if you want to excel, then mask yourself with a lot of information beforehand.

During an interview with MTV Base in 2012, Aliko Dangote affirmed that he doesn’t go into business he doesn’t understand. Don’t just invest, or start up a business because everyone else is doing the business. Knowledge of the business is very necessary for success to be achieved.  This principle, he said, has kept the Dangote Group going.

8)    Think Big:

“If you think small, you will always remain small in life, he said. Thought they said are things. Develop the art of thinking. Always set out time from your schedule solely to meditate on what next to do, in line with your company mission and vision statement.

Remember, as a man thinketh in his heart, so is he! Don’t allow your thoughts to belittle your ambition.

Aliko Dangote thought big of himself, and today, he is the richest man of Africa descent. Now also, he is envisioning himself to move from the bottom line of Forbes list to the top.

9)    Have A Strategic Plan:

An entrepreneur with a vision and a mission will have a strategy to achieve the vision. Your strategy is a breakdown of how you intend to achieve your vision.

It also foretells where you're supposed to be in the nearest future.

10)    Your Name Is Your Most Valuable Asset:

Your name is very important, protect it. A good name is better than silver and gold. Your size doesn’t matter as much as your name. No person will want to have dealings with a company with a bad name.


Believe nothing is impossible. And once you have that believe engrain in you, surely, nothing will be impossible for you.


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