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17 Hot Items You Can Export From Nigeria And Make Dollars

Items You Can Export From Nigeria and make dollars -ESY MEDIA

To export from Nigeria to other countries of the world is one of the most lucrative business to venture into. Decades ago, the exportation of products from Nigeria to other countries was based on crude oil. But today, there are other non-crude oil products that are in high demand in the international scene.

In this article, I will be looking at the non-crude oil products that you can export from Nigeria to other countries. Before now, these products were neglected. But research published by the Nigeria chamber of commerce proved that these under-list products are in high demand. And the Federal government has through its policies encouraged agriculture in the last years. Thus going into these exportations will not be bad business ideas.

However, before concluding whether to embark on this business of exporting from Nigeria to other countries, it will be wise to ask yourself these basic questions.

Are you prepared for the challenges and protocols of exporting business? Are you willing to adhere to the international standard of exporting and client’s specification? Simple as they seem, but vital.

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Another important aspect of exporting business you need to consider is the financial commitment and marketing plan. It is important that you have a marketing plan, researched, detailed and your target market. Also, you need to have a sound financial plan with an understanding of international trade laws that govern business transactions.

List Of Top 17 Items You Can Export From Nigeria

Export From Nigeria

1. Garlic

Just like Ginger, Garlic is also a cash crop. Garlic is grown under irrigation in the Savanna areas in Nigeria. With a reasonable quantity of garlic, you are sure of making cool dollars.

2. Yam Tubers

Nigeria is largely the highest producers of yam tubers. In 2009, she makes about $450 million from exporting yam alone. However, it saddened to know that Nigerians are not maximizing this potential. So a prospective exporter, you can plunge into this enormous opportunity. Remember also, that adherence to the export rules and regulation of international standard.

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3. Ginger

Ginger is very common among Nigerian. And it is one of the high demanded spice in the world today. And luckily enough, Nigeria is a large producer of ginger.

You can export ginger from Nigeria to other countries that are in dire need of this product and make cool cash for yourself. Alternatively, you can start a Trans-Sahara with ginger.

4. Palm Kernel Oil

Palm Kernel oil is different from palm oil. Palm kernel oil is an extract from the pulp of palm from.

The kernel oil is used for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, and confectioneries. The mineral contents of palm kernel oil are rich in protein.

So you can start exporting this product to other countries.

5. Textiles and Garments

The Textiles and Garments industry generates close to $32bn as income from export from Nigeria. unlike other export products that have to pass through strict test before export, the Textiles from Nigeria enjoys duty-free passage into the United States,

In exporting this product, you should focus on the United States because that is where the bulk of revenue is generated.

6. Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter is the major source of chocolates. The Cocoa fruit is used for the production of many skins cares, pharmaceutical and health products. Due to its usage, the demand is very high in the United State and UK.

7. Gallstone

This product is scarce. And that has atoned for its high demand. Gallstone is gotten from the gallbladder of matured cow and oxen. The size could be as big as a chicken egg. Due to its medical purposes, it is in very high demand for foreign pharmaceutics. Buyers of this product are already waiting for you in America and Asia if you could lay hand on about 100g of well-dried gallstone.

8. Honey

Currently, a kilogram of honey costs about $150 and above in the international markets. Pure honey contains trace enzymes as sugar, mineral, vitamins and amino acids. A liter of honey can fetch good dollars in the foreign market.

9. Rubber

Nigeria is a producer of rubber in significant quantity. But before the product leaves the country to Europe or America, a proper check will be done on the product from the Central Testing Laboratories. Currently, a cubic meter of quality rubber sales for about $400 and $600  due to the fluctuating nature of the dollar rate in the market.

10. Sesame Seed

sesame seeds - ESY MEDIA

Nigeria is currently the 5th largest producer of Sesame seed. However, the product may sound very strange to those who are not from areas where it is being produced. In Nigeria, this product that can be found in large quantity in states like, Jigawa and Benue States.

In terms of monetary value, Sesame seed ranks second in volume of foreign exchange earnings.

11. Charcoal

This product is at the forefront of the international market. A very large market for those interested in this export from Nigeria exists in USA, EU, and ASIA. From findings, a tone of charcoal goes for about $1000. Interestingly, an individual can start-up production charcoal in Nigeria and ship it to these countries in need of it. 

12. Cassava Flour

There is a high demand for this in the international scene. Of cause, you already know that cassava is food for all in Nigeria. And there is increasing demand for well-processed cassava flour in Europe, the Middle East and in America.

13. Cashew Nuts

Nigeria is well blessed with this commodity to the extent that almost every part of the country has the potential to produce this international commodity. There is a large market for a good quantity of unprocessed raw cashew nuts in India, Brazil, and Vietnam. The demand is on a daily basis increasing.

14. Snail

Snail farming is now a hotcake in Nigeria due to its demand in European and America. If you can lay hand on a good quantity of snail, then, there is a ready market in the countries above.

15. Fruit Juice

Fruit juice exportation may sound a bit strange, but there is a huge market for it both locally and internationally. Luckily, Nigeria boasts of many naturally grown from in every nook and cranny of this country. A well processed and, package fruit juice will sell well in the USA.

16. Shrimps

There is a high demand for Shrimps in countries like France, Spain, the USA, Belgium, and Portugal. This product can be found in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria.

17. Poultry

Poultry rearing involves all kinds of domestic birds, their egg and meat. Poultry business has a huge market share both locally and internationally. And the Nigerian weather is very supportive of this kind of business. Notably, this profitable business niche still remains much untapped by Nigerians.

Conclusively, if you must succeed in export from Nigeria, then strict adherence to international law is paramount. Further, more export from Nigeria opportunities exist. But you need to look at these lucrative ones here and make a good choice with where you have an interest.

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