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How I Made N30,000 In 3 Days From

"I made N30,000 on my first market, within 3 days." Solomon Gladstone, Founder - Areamarket

You probably never heard about how profitable an e-Commerce business is. That's because they like to keep us poor.

Currently, the business has gained a great deal of popularity, and Nigeria is not left out following the emergence of e-Commerce stores like Jumia, Jiji and others.

The e-Commerce sector is taking over SPAR, Shoprite and other physical stores.

Recently, the founder of Alibaba/AliExpress made over 2.8 billion dollars within 24hrs selling physical products online.

This shows the power of e-Commerce.

On 3 May 2019, Solomon Gladstone took us through his audacious strive to make money from his e-Commerce store. "Areamarket was launched September 2018. The Areamarket project began earlier before then."

I have started many projects, which failed. My journey to become an entrepreneur started 2011. That was when I launched my first project.

Back then when I finished secondary school, on Facebook I noticed people created platforms where music where uploaded. I became passionate about it. It was what led me to learn website design, which I taught myself. I could stay indoor for three days, just learning how to code."

To succeed online it requires a lot of determination. Sometimes, you launch a project and sooner or later, you discover that it doesn't add value to your supposed prospect. This is why many businesses never lived past it first 18 months.

According to Solomon Gladstone, the Areamarket project is his 17 project. And because he has learnt why the previous startups failed, Areamarket will stand the test of time.

Areamarket formerly Onsale is a project he started as a student. And the business is scaling to great height today.

Right now, he is revealing the same procedure that you can use to make an extra income even as a student using e-Commerce store as a point of contact.

You might not make $2.8 billion like Jack Ma. But you certainly will be making more than you currently are.

All you need to do is to follow suit like he did.

But before then, the question is "Do you really want financial freedom; even while in school?" If yes, you need to take action now and start making money online with e-commerce following the footprints of Solomon Gladstone.

#How He Started

Back then in 2018, I was broke. Really broke! I took a loan of N15,000 from my dad. It wasn't actually a loan, but part of my school fee. Because, my dad plainly told me, that the next time he is to give me school fee, the N15,000 will be deducted.

That was how I started.

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But before then, I'm a web developer. So I did my site design and hosting myself. And that was how I launched my 17 business project, Areamarket.

Today, I can confidently say that e-Commerce is a big business.

One most cherished thing about Areamarket is the convenience at which my customers buy products.

I wouldn't say that e-Commerce is without any form of risk or challenges. Neither will I say I haven't faced any difficult.

When starting an online store, or any online business, be careful not to fall for scammers.

Nonetheless, here are the things Solomon Gladstone put in place and that you are to put in place to succeed in the e-Commerce sector.

# You Need A Platform

It’s important you use a self hosted website. This will help you work at convenience. This days, website isn’t costly when compare to before. At least you can get a good website for 20,000.

However, you can still use Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to start selling your products.

If you are opting for a website, try to get a good web developer that can always assist you should there be any technical problem that need to be fixed.

# Target A Particular Location

When starting a business, have a global mindset, but start small. Some e-Commerce stores have this as a key problem. “I think cost of delivery outside this place (Omoku) is a problem to the business.” Let your vicinity feel the effect of your business, before you think of taking it outside.

Always start in one or two markets, otherwise you create execution risk.

For example, a cloth may cost 3,000 at an online store. That’s comparative with traditional vendors. But when you add the cost of delivery down to Port Harcourt, that will be almost 6,000. This is one big problem of online stores.

But when you start small to grow big, you can thereafter look for good logistic company for your delivery nationwide.

# Sell Value

Your online store should contain products with real value. People only go for products with quality even when they have little amount of money.

For instance, “when I started, my target was just a product for the average persons. But then, in the cause of delivery, I noticed that most persons making the orders are well to do. That was when I upgraded the qualities of the store products – if I was buying products worth 1,000, I started buying products worth 2,500.” Gladstone explained.

Although, this will be determine by your customers. Customers they say are the king. So, endeavour to make quality products your priority.

# Deliver On Promise

Be honest. And deliver on time your products. This will make them to come back again. Couple with the convenience attached to the buying.

Everyone wants to be treated as kings and queen. Imaging staying at home and placing an order, and within 2hrs depending on the distance, someone came knocking at your door with the product. Honestly, it feels good. And that is why more people are willing to shop online.

Another thing you have to consider is the payment option. As a starter, pay on delivery should be used as against pay before delivery. Except in situation where the buyer is far away.

# Keep Record Of Your Transaction

Keeping track of all your spending will help you determine whether you’re making profit or loss. Aside that, tomorrow, you may be seeking for investors, without a record of your transaction, it will become difficult to ascertain the profitability of the business.

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# Register Your Business

Many advantages abound for registered business owner. For instance, you stand out unique from other business person as no other person can register that same name. also, this will help you operate a business account with your business name as against personal name.

# Beware Of Fraudulent Vendors

“A vendor from Lagos State listed a laptop worth 40,000 on our website, then Onsale. A customer made an order for the laptop and paid the sum of 40,000. On the process, though, a mistake on my part, I sent the vendor the money to enable him waybill the laptop. That was the end of the money. Although, our policy is that a buyer must confirm the physical product before we can remit the money, but due to the way the guy pleaded. I took him for his word. That was why I said a mistake on my part. Later I paid back the customer the money.” Solomon Gladstone explained.

Due to the fact that you may not be able to verify all vendors on your website, you need to beware of such kind of persons.

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