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Nigeria is one of the world’s leading business locations on the African continent. But when it comes to doing business in Nigeria, there are several challenges confronting Nigerian businesses.

80% of new businesses and startups in Nigeria fail within the first 3 years. Doing business in Nigeria could be a wonderful experience when your business venture succeeds, however before success there could be great challenges and difficulties that a new business or startup has to phase.

Starting up a business venture generally comes with its own business risk that may hamper the growth of such business but some problems and challenges are very common to all businesses in Nigeria. In this place, we highlight the challenges of doing business in Nigeria, provide startup tips, business ideas and how to overcome such challenges in other to make sure they don’t kill your business.

the scarcity principle
The Scarcity Principle And How You Can Apply It To Your Business
Ideally, what these scarcity principles will do is to instill a sense of “urgency” and "loss" in your customer. And
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becom a successful entrepreneur
10 Ways to Become a Successful Entrepreneur
ho doesn’t want to become a successful entrepreneur? Of cause, everyone does want to become successful. So, whether you’re just
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profitable skills
6 Profitable Skills To Learn And Make Money As A Graduate In Nigeria
Are you thinking about profitable skills to learn as a graduate? Read this and discover six 21 century all time
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start a business with no moeny or little capital
3 Proven Ways To Start A Business With No Money
So you want to start a business but you have little or no cash to start with?Don't worry. Here are
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Top 10 Online Lending Platforms For Business Loan In Nigeria
Not every startup entrepreneur in Nigeria has what he or she can tender as collateral to access a loan. If
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31 Amazing Websites To Learn New Things Everyday
With the under list websites, you could learn virtually anything from scratch to become an expert right from the comfort
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free mobile Apps for Small business
18 Free Mobile Apps For Small Business Owners
To help you navigate the seemingly challenging work life as a business owner, I have compiled this list of free
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How To Write An Amazing Business Plan
Business Plan: How To Write An Amazing Business Plan
What if I show you a tried and tested concept to present your Business Plan and win Investors instantly? One
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How To Retain Your Customers
3 Amazing Ways On How To Retain Your Customers
The growth of every business is not seen in just attracting new customers daily. But keeping the customers to come
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wrong reasons to become an entrepreneur
4 Wrong Reasons To Become An Entrepreneur
To become an entrepreneur is fun with lots of responsibilities but daunting when you launch a startup for any of
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