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Nigeria is one of the world’s leading business locations on the African continent. But when it comes to doing business in Nigeria, there are several challenges confronting Nigerian businesses.

80% of new businesses and startups in Nigeria fail within the first 3 years. Doing business in Nigeria could be a wonderful experience when your business venture succeeds, however before success there could be great challenges and difficulties that a new business or startup has to phase.

Starting up a business venture generally comes with its own business risk that may hamper the growth of such business but some problems and challenges are very common to all businesses in Nigeria. In this place, we highlight the challenges of doing business in Nigeria, provide startup tips, business ideas and how to overcome such challenges in other to make sure they don’t kill your business.

untapped business ideas and opportunities
5 Untapped Business Ideas & Opportunities In Nigeria
Starting a business has always being a top priority for me. But, most importantly, starting a profitable business is the
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How To Start Affiliate Marketing
5 Best Affiliate Marketing Programs In Nigeria
To start affiliate marketing in Nigeria you need to first identify the affiliate programs that are paying well. Here are
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How To Understand Customers Need For Maximum Profit In Business
Understanding Customers Need For Maximum Profit In Business
Understanding Customers Need For Maximum Profit In Business
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make money online
10 Proven Ways To Make Money Online In Nigeria
With the internet and your mobile phone or a PC, you can profitably build a multimillionaire business right from the
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how to properly evaluate a market - ESY MEDIA
10 Proven Steps To Evaluate A Market
Before you leap - evaluate the market properly to know how profitable it is...
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price methods
The 4 Pricing Methods
One of the most difficult things an entrepreneur will face/has faced is “pricing method” Sometimes you are confronted with what
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what is hard money loan
Hard Money Loan: Everything You Need To Know
hard money loan is a way to borrow money without using traditional mortgage lenders. This kind of Loan comes from
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Social media advertising is an integral part
Best Social Media Advertising Platforms For Nigerians
Social media advertising is an integral part of business success today that cannot be overstressed.
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export from nigeria - ESY Media
17 Hot Items You Can Export From Nigeria And Make Dollars
To export from Nigeria to other countries of the world is one of the most lucrative business to venture into.
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business loan by ESY Media
How To Get A Small Business Loan
Getting a business loan is a major obstacle confronting businesses, whether small or large. This may, however, be attributed to
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